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Choosing The Right Public Adjuster

TopLine Claims Services adjusters have over 15 years of experience adjusting claims just like yours. Not only have we been helping our clients maximize their claims for years, but we have also worked on the insurance company side as well. Our adjusters have seen how things work from both the perspective of the public as well as from the perspective of the insurance carrier.

Our unique experience on both sides of the industry has allowed us the insight on how the insurance company fights against you, the policy holder, to settle your claim for the least amount of money possible.

The first job of a public claims adjuster is to come out to your property and inspect and assess the damage to determine the basis for your claim, but this is just the start of our process. A TopLine Claims Services adjuster will prepare all of the evidence and create an estimate of the damage to present to your insurance carrier.

The insurance carrier employs their own insurance adjusters as well, these adjusters will also come out to your property to document the damage and create their own estimate. You can be sure that the insurance carriers’ adjuster will have a significantly different estimate than that of your TopLine Claims Services adjuster. This is where our real job begins. TopLine Claims Services will go back and forth with your insurance carrier and argue your case to settle for the most we possibly can.

Even if you have already filed the claim on your own, it is not too late to call us and let us help you. Whether you were underpaid for the damages your property sustained, or your claim was outright denied, our adjusters can go back in and re-open your claim to negotiate on your behalf.

The best part is, TopLine Claims Services will not charge any fee on any money you may have already recovered for your claim. We only bill on new money that we bring in. If we fail to get you any additional money for your claim, then we collect nothing. In addition, any fees that are incurred to speed your claim along will be paid by us; this can include engineer or any other professional reports that we need to strengthen your position in the negotiation.

The most common cause for a denial or underpayment of your claim is red tape and loopholes in your insurance policy. This is also the reason why your claim can take so long to process. This is where your TopLine Claims Services adjuster can help you the most. We are experts at navigating the red tape and exploiting those same loopholes that your insurance carrier uses to underpay or deny your claim. We know how the insurance company operates; we know because we have worked for them before, and we can use that experience to your advantage.

Your choice of a public insurance adjuster is crucial. You need a knowledgeable adjuster who knows how to navigate the claims process to maximize your recovery. If your adjuster is not up to speed when it comes to the tricks and procedures the insurance carrier uses to undervalue your claim, then they will be unable to maximize your recovery. You need an adjuster who can expertly navigate the ins and outs of the claims process, and who is current on state statutes and procedures that will make all the difference when settling your claim.

Don’t fall for the assumption that the insurance adjuster your insurance carrier employs and sends out to your property to inspect the damages is going to give you a fair settlement. Why would they? They are employed by your insurance carrier, and their employer’s goal is to pay as little as possible. Their job is to find any fault they can with your claim. They will try and pick your claim apart as much as possible to justify a lower payment, or better yet a denial of your claim.

This is where you need a public claims adjuster in your corner. A good public claims adjuster will be able to argue against any fault the insurance company tries to find as a reason to deny your claim.

Call us today and let us help you recover the settlement that you are owed. Don’t settle or come out of pocket to get your property back the way it was pre-loss. Let us help you maximize your claim and settle it as quickly as possible. This is what we do.

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