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How Long Should My Homeowner's Insurance Claim Take?

Once you or your TopLine Claims Adjuster has taken the initial steps of filing your insurance claim, the process of waiting to hear back from your insurance carrier as to whether or not your claims has been approved or denied can be a stressful time. The vast majority of homeowners cannot afford to pay for the repairs to their home out of their own pocket, so the wait for the insurance claim settlement becomes even more of a stressful situation.

The waiting during this stressful time can be difficult, but you should take comfort in the fact that there are laws in place to keep your insurance carrier from taking more time than is needed to process your claim, and having a public insurance adjuster working with you through this process can help the claim go smoother and with less delays.

What Is The Average Processing Time For An Insurance Claims?

Every homeowner’s claim is different, which makes it extremely difficult to say exactly how long your specific claim can and should take. There are several steps to this complicated process, steps that your TopLine Claims Adjuster will walk you through step by step. The first step is getting the claim properly documented and submitted to your insurance carrier. There are several things that a homeowner can do to help keep the process moving and get your claim processed as quickly as possible.

Why Insurance Claims Can Get Delayed.

This is also not an easy question to answer and can very greatly from claim to claim. If your home was damaged due to a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or flood, your claim may be delayed due to the number of claims that are being submitted by other homeowners who also incurred damage.

The other major reason that insurance claims get delayed is lack of preparation and a comprehensive claims package. One of the major reasons that a public claims adjuster is so valuable is that they know the claims process inside and out. The claims process and the documents that need to be submitted do not just vary from claim to claim, but also from carrier to carrier. Your public insurance adjuster will prepare a detailed estimate and take all the other supporting documents and put together a comprehensive claims packet to send off to your insurance carrier.

What Does The State Of Florida Law Say About Insurance Claim Delays?

The easiest way to ensure that your insurance claim continues to move along is to keep in contact with the insurance company. The adjuster from your insurance carrier is most likely working a large number of claim simultaneously, sometimes even hundreds of files at the same time. This is where having a public insurance adjuster on your side can be a huge benefit. Your TopLine Claims Adjuster has worked with all of these insurance carriers and most of their adjusters for years; we knows these people and how they operate. We know how to get them moving and keep your claim moving as quickly as possible.

If you are getting ready to file a homeowner’s insurance claim and want the best chance of having your claim paid as quickly as possible, a TopLine Claims Adjuster can help. If you have already filed a claim, and like most homeowners, are frustrated with the process and disappointed in the outcome, call a TopLine Claims Adjuster and allow us to help you get the settlement you are entitled to.

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