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Our Experts Will Help You Through a Difficult Process

At TopLine Claims Services, our number one job is to help you receive a fair settlement from your insurance carrier. Our experienced adjusters are here to make sure that you get paid a fair amount in as little time as possible. TopLine Claims Services believes that every insurance policy holder is entitled to a fair settlement and should not have to settle for what the insurance company has deemed a proper amount for damages that you have incurred. You have paid your premiums every month, in many cases for many years, and now that the insurance company owes you for damage, there is no reason that you should not be compensated properly in the unfortunate event that you suffer a loss.

Your TopLine Claims public adjuster will meticulously evaluate the damages to your property and contents and will put together a claims package that will put you in the best position to be properly compensated for your loss. TopLine Claims Services' number one priority is you, our customer, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are satisfied with your settlement.

TopLine Claims Services has a number of resources at our disposal to help resolve your insurance claim. Our agents will handle any expense needed to properly settle your claim and will only receive compensation once we have successfully settled your claim.

Once you have employed the services of one of our experienced public claims adjusters, all you have to do is sit back and let us do our job. Our adjusters have settled hundreds of claims just like yours.

You may ask yourself if it is really necessary to bring on your own public adjuster. Why not file the claim on your own and take your chances with the insurance company? Perhaps your insurance representative is very friendly with you so you think you will be treated fairly when submitting your claim.

The unfortunate truth is that treating you fairly does not fit into their business model. The insurance company succeeds by taking in more money than they pay out, and making sure you are paid properly for your claim does not fit into this model. Anyone who has tried to file a claim on their own can attest to this. The insurance company knows that most homeowners are not going to fight them to get a fair settlement, so they give you a low-ball offer and know that most will just accept it and move on.

This should not be the way things are. Why should you have to come out of pocket to cover the rest of the damages that your insurance carrier did not pay for, or in many cases outright deny your claim? Filing an insurance claim without a public adjuster on your side is no different than going to court without a lawyer.

At TopLine Claims Services, we are offering a service with a different business model. We only get paid if we are successful, and even then only a percentage of what we collect for you. Our business interests lie in achieving a successfully settlement for you. Our business is built on referrals. It is in our business model and best practices to ensure you are happy.

Call us today and let us walk you through the claims process and help ensure you are treated fairly.

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