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TopLine Claims Services Knows How Insurance Companies Work

There are a number of ways that you home can incur damage. The flooding that hurricanes and large Florida storms can produce can cause extensive damage to your home. There are also the risks associated with fire, sinkholes, tornadoes, and any number of issues that can arise and cause damage to your home and property. Your property can experience a partial loss, or in a worst case scenario, total destruction. All of these damages that are incurred can be costly to repair or replace as a result.

Even seemingly minor damage can be costly. From the formation of mold, to an explosion or damage caused by common household appliances, to a defective water pipe that may burst or is leaking in your home. These damages also need to be repaired, and small as they might seem can also be costly.

Where will you get the funding to repair any damages incurred? Perhaps you have already made repairs to your home. Where will you get the money to reimburse yourself for damages that you have already spent money trying to fix? You have insured your home and property for this exact purpose.

It is time to claim the money that you are owed.

Insurance companies have public adjusters. These adjusters will evaluate and report the damages and then calculate how much money the insurance company is going to give you for any repairs or replacement costs. This is the insurance company’s version of the damage. The damage report provided by the insurance company’s public adjuster is written to benefit the insurance company, not you. You do not have to accept the insurance company’s public adjuster report. If you think their report is not fair, you have every right to reject the amount being offered and hire your own professional to work on your behalf.

If you are not happy with what the insurance company is offering, you should immediately look to hire your own professional public adjuster who will file a new report on your behalf. And why wouldn’t you? A TopLine Claims Services Adjuster will come out and inspect your property and work with you to file a damage report that is fairer to you, and then work with the insurance company to ensure a settlement that covers all your damages and any replacement costs associated with any loss that you have incurred. The best part is that a TopLine Claims Services Adjuster works on a contingency basis, meaning that we only get paid when you get paid.

Our job is to help you deal with your insurance carrier and make sure that you get the right amount that you will need to repair and replace any damage to your home.

It is important that you employ the services of a licensed public insurance adjuster as soon as you notice damage. The sooner you have a public adjuster working on your behalf, the sooner we can prepare any reports and evidence needed to support your claim and get you paid. Don’t let the insurance company’s public adjuster go inspect your damage first. Our TopLine Claims Services adjuster's ability to successfully get you paid for damages incurred will be helped by evaluating your claim right after the loss.

You can rely on the experience and knowledge of your TopLine Claims Services adjuster when it comes to detailing the damage and creating a report that is based on all the evidence uncovered when we inspect your property. Our TopLine Claims Services agents are highly trained and experienced in uncovering damage, both visible and hidden. Your claim will benefit from our attention to detail and our diligence in making sure that your claim report is accurate and thorough. Our constant dealings with insurance carriers has given us insight in to how the insurance companies deal with claims, as well as the tricks and loopholes they exploit in order to pay out as little as possible.

Please call us today if you are in need of a reliable, professional, and knowledgeable adjuster who will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that your home and property are brought back to pre-loss conditions. We are happy to come out and inspect your property at no charge and guide you on the best way to navigate your claim.

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