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The Proceeds From Your Claim Should Cover All Your Repairs.

Make Sure You Are Getting the Most Out Of Your Insurance Claim!

Most homeowners and business owners do not understand that they do not have to accept what their insurance company is offering. Often times, people are just happy to receive a settlement check that they often overlook the high probability that they were underpaid for their claim.

It has been proven over and over again, in study after study, that using a Public Insurance Adjuster who represents you will net you significantly more money than if you filed the claim on your own. Here is one example:

But you may say, “wait, I had an insurance adjuster come out to my property when I filed my claim with my insurance carrier.” Yes, this is correct. The big difference here is the adjuster that your insurance carrier sent out works for the insurance company. The adjuster that the carrier sends to your property is appointed and hired by the same insurance company that you are filing the claim against.

You need to have your own insurance adjuster, one who is hired by you and who will work to ensure that you receive the best settlement possible. TopLine Claims Services Adjusters work for you and in your best interest. Our goal is to make sure that you receive enough proceeds from your insurance claim to make any necessary repairs for any damage that you have incurred.

What is the point in paying insurance premiums month after month, year after year, if when the time comes to actually file a claim there is not enough money to cover the damage that you have incurred?

A TopLine Claims Services Adjuster will do EVERYTHING for you. We will come to your home to evaluate and document the damages. We will create a detailed inventory of the damages and submit all of our documentation to your insurance carrier for verification and approval. The best part is you never pay any out of pocket costs for this service. We do not receive compensation until your claim has been successfully settled and paid.

Most people who have insurance for their home or business have been led to believe that the adjuster who the insurance carrier sends out to your property are working in their best interest. They are not. If you rely on the insurance adjuster that is appointed by your insurance carrier to work with your best interest in mind, you are at a severe disadvantage. The insurance companies are concerned with their own best interests, not yours. Wouldn’t you rather have your own adjuster involved? A TopLine Claims Services adjuster who is working with your best interest in mind.

Why does the insurance company do this? Aren’t they better off paying claims correctly to keep their customers happy? The short answer is no. For most property owners, especially in Florida, there is a very limited amount of insurance carriers who will offer insurance. This is especially true as you get closer to the ocean and in low lying flood areas. These areas often only have 1 or 2 options available to them. The insurance company knows that they have you caught between a rock and hard place. They also know that the vast majority of their policy holders do not employ a Public Claims Adjuster to work on their behalf. They know that most people will be happy to receive any settlement, even if it is significantly less than what they are actually owed.

You are responsible for insuring your property and valuables. You pay your premiums on time every month. You are entitled to receive a settlement that is enough to cover any damages that are covered in your insurance policy. What are you going to do if you have to come out of pocket thousands of dollars to make the repairs necessary to get your property back into the condition it was before the damage? The damage that you have incurred needs to get repaired, and these repairs are going to get paid for one way or the other. Should you have to come out of pocket to make these repairs? Or should the insurance company, who’s service you pay a lot for, have to make the repairs to damage that is covered in your policy? The only way to ensure a fair settlement is to make sure you have someone in your corner.

Our goal is the make sure that you receive a fair and accurate settlement. You have the right to hire a Public Insurance Adjuster to help you and fight for you. If you choose to go it alone, not only will you have to endure the vast amount of time and energy that goes into fighting for a fair settlement, but you are also taking a huge risk of having your claim outright denied or being underpaid.

No matter what the insurance company offers you, this is nothing compared to what a TopLine Claims Service agent can get for you. Yes, we will take a small % of the settlement to cover the cost of our services, but you will still net significantly more than you would have on your own. This we can guarantee you.

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